The Apache module which builds the extremely lightweight Weblog environment.
Tue, 20 Aug 2002

Updating Web site via CVS
Decided to updating of this Blog via CVS of SourceForge. Furthermore, I think include in package as a sample Blog.
Although a design and the contents are poor.

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Registered into Apache Module Registry
mod_blosxom was registered into Apache Module Registry. When registering Blog, Weblog, and Blosxom as a keyword, there were few same modules. If it refers to Google, mod_weblog etc. will hit. Is Apache Module Registry possibly seldom used?
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Transferred to SourceForge
Decided to use SourceForge, in order to use a maintenance and Web-hosting of mod_blosxom.c.

I speak very childish C language(and Engrish). Please refactoring :-)
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